SP05 identifies the 100 meters coil of KNX cable 4-pole.
The cable is made with 2 twisted pairs of section 0.8 mm, sealed with tape AI / Pet, flame retardant and halogen free.

Section: 2 x 2 x 0,80 mm , Conductor: copper (cl. 1) , Insulation: PVC R2 , Separator: Pet tape , Drain: tinned copper (1 x 0,40 mm) , Shielding: Al/Pet tape , Sheath: PVC RZ , Sheath Color: RAL 6018 , Low emission of halogen: <22% , Capacitance: <100pF/m a 10KHz , Inductance: <0,85uH/m a 10KHz , Nominal Voltage: 300V
Maximal Voltage: 330V , Test Voltage: 4000V
Max Temp.: 70°C , Short Circuit Temp: 160°C , Minimal installation Temp: 0°C , Radius of curve: 53mm


BX-SP01 is the code that identifies the box containing fifty KNX connectors.
The connectors are for European Installation Bus (EIB) applications and allow the communication between the device and the KNX bus.

In the same product Line: BX-SP05

Number of connection points: 8 , Number of potentials: 2 , Min cross section: 22AWG , Max cross section: 18AWG , Rated voltage: 100VAC , Nominal current: 6A , Operating temperature: [-60 105] °C