COMBISOUND, the most complete solution for integrating public address and sound systems. This revolutionary concept combines the best of our ambience sound products with any public address system for large building projects.

The advantages of Combisound. The benefits of combining two systems in one in order to provide power and control with a maximum amount of features makes COMBISOUND a guarantee of success. Different functions offering versatile audio and public address applications can be optimized by combining our sound systems with any public address systems and KNX,the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control. As a result, users can enjoy its features in an easy and simple way. The System can be tailor-made to meet the specific design requirements of each building, its environment, its electroacoustic features and the level of operations required.


Send Messages , Possibility to send messages to 200 zones individually or in a group format. , Play recorded messages automatically through the fire alarm system. , Send public address messages to zones, groups or general calls through our Telephone Interface. , Listen and enjoy music everywhere in a building , Two audio channels to enjoy music everywhere in a building. General FM tuner for the entire installation.

One external sound input in the Central Unit. The Audio Control Units in each zone can incorporate their own FM tuner and the possibility to connect one external sound input.

Control the System

Compatible with KNX, the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control.

PC Software to program and control all the parameters of the installation and also send messages from the PC. The Audio Control Units can be personalized and can be programmed to switch on/off automatically.

All Audio Control Units can be switched off from anyone of them or from the Central Unit.

All the programming features can be blocked to avoid unnecessary access by the users.

PRO 30

Dynamic vocal microphone with smooth mid-frequency presence rise for excellent voice projection. Cardioid polar pattern minimizes ambient noise and feedback. XLR cable included.


Desk base with ON/OFF switch, flexible gooseneck with cardioid dynamic microphone. Cable with male XLR connector and 2 conductors for priority activation (ding‐dong).

TX 2006

16-channel receiver in a half-rack design. Two channel PLL. Eight intermodulationfree frequencies are available and thus setting up four 2-channel receivers for simultaneous operation maybe possible. LEDs indicate diversity status and audio level. Pilot tone squelch and fixed noise squelch allow for an interference free operation. This system is ideally suited for any speech application requiring a reliable transmission of several dialogue partners or vocal partners.

PRO 30

A really dual sound source, built on two independent sections that can be used simultaneously. ‐ CD player with anti-shock mechanic and electronics. It plays both audio tracks and MP3 files on compact discs (CD, CD‐R, CD‐R/W). It plays MP3 files (only) on USB flash drives and

Secure Digital (SD) cards (this port is also compatible for Multimedia Cards).

Tuner (FM: 87.5 ÷ 108 MHz) with 60 memories (10 accessed directly and 50 through the remote control) to store and recall preferred stations  quickly.

RD 2016

MP3 stereo player / recorder on SD cards and USB flash drives, with a maximum memory supported size of 32 GB. The unit can be programmed building up a user defined playing list (up to 64 files). Moreover, the first 7 files can also be triggered by remote commands, and the buttons on the front panel allow to access directly the first 18 files. An auxiliary input and its parallel output could work as priority on the audio signal of another devices when a RD 2016 MP3 file is played. The front panel buttons can be disabled, allowing the device control only via the dedicated remote control (included). SD card not included.

UP 2082

UP 2082 is a device with 2 separated and independent 80 W amplifiers, each having 2 audio inputs, of which one with priority function through a closing contact.


2 channels booster amplifier designed for 2zones application. Equipped with XLR and jack output for connecting to another amplifier. 2 output 70V/100V/8 ohm, S/N 86 db. 2U rack 19”. Dimensions: 88 x 425 x 420 mm.


Mixer amplifier designed for total 6 inputs (channel) application. Included 3 AUX and up to 5 microphone connectors. The series include the models of output power 60W. Chime function (ding-dong). Dimensions: 88 x 425 x 305 mm.


Mixer amplifiers designed for total 6 inputs (channel) application. Included 3 AUX and up to 5 microphone connectors. The series include the models of output power 240W. Integrate USB and FM tuner. Chime function (ding-dong). Dimensions: 88 x 425 x 305 mm.