elektromeleti , EN 54-16 , PA SYSTEMS

eXentro is a digital-/analog system controller (part of an integrated Voice Alarm and Evacuation system) monitoring all relevant parameters of a Voice Alarm und Evacuation system according EN 54-16.
eXentro monitors all connected 100 V and 8 ohm loudspeaker lines (A&B), zone and backup amplifiers, Main power source (230 VAC) and Backup power source (48 VDC). In addition the connected evacuation panels, fire panels and internally stored pre-recorded messages are also monitored.

eXentro ECU includes pre-recorded messages of which two can be played simultaneously, routed to different outputs. All possible system faults will be indicated as a General error or System fault and will be individually indicated on the front panel display.
A single eXentro ECU unit can be expanded from 4 up to 12 zones (by using 2 zone expansion cards). Up to 32 ECU units can be combined in one eXentro Voice Alarm and Evacuation system, providing a maximum of 384 monitored zones.


The eXentro PA 8125 / 8250 are professional Class D high efficient multichannel power amplifiers designed for use both in Voice Alarm and Evacuation systems according EN 54-16, as well as for stand-alone applications and fixed installations. They can be used for low impedance (4 – 8 ohm) and high impedance (50 V/100 V) loudspeaker lines.
eXentro PA 8125 / 8250 provides balanced inputs with gain control and feature card slots per channel for (optional) Bose Series II-s EQ cards. eXentro PA 8125 and PA 8250 consists each in 8 separate amplifiers can be operated as pairs in bridge mode. For both types, the maximum amplifier power per channel is 300 Wrms. The total output power is only limited by the internal power supply. The total output power of the PA 8125 is 1.000 Wrms and 2.000 Wrms for the PA 8250. Depending on the projects, 100V transformer (125 VA and 250 VA) may be required on the output.
eXentro PA 8125 / 8250 include a redundant Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) to operate from a 230 VAC Main power source or 48 VDC Backup power source.


eXentro CHARGER C48 is a reliable Backup power source for Voice Alarm and Evacuation systems, certified according EN 54-4. Four connected 12 V batteries provide backup power, which are charged during normal operation at 230 VAC.

In case of loss of the 230 VAC mains voltage, or when the CHARGERs output current exceeds 12 A (when an eXentro device is operating at 48 VDC), the CHARGER C48 will automatically switch to battery mode.