BX-USB is a bidirectional communication interface KNX / USB that lets you connect to a bus line with your PC.
The USB connection is galvanically isolated from the KNX bus.
Ideal for use with ETS software, both for the programming and for monitoring sessions data.
The device is also compatible with the Falcon driver of KNX Association.

The device selected by Blumotix is manufactured in Germany.

galvanically isolated , Ideal for use with ETS software


BX-IP01 is a device for interfacing between a Konnex line and an IP network (Internet Protocol).
It is ideal to plan the system with ETS through an active network connection on your PC (EIBnet / IP Tunneling standard). The IP interface address can be assigned manually via ETS or automatically when a DHCP service on the network is active.
BX-IP01 has an RJ45 connector to support IP connection and a standard KNX (2 x 0.8 mm) for connection to the bus line and a third connector (2 x 0.8 mm) for the auxiliary power supply (12-24 VDC).

The device selected by Blumotix is produced in Germany.

Ethernet port: 10Mb , Supported protocols: ARP-ICMP-IGMP-UDP/IP-DHCP , EIBnet/IP dedicated to KNX: Core, Tunneling, Device Management , External Power Supply: DC12-24V