The Industry-Touch-PC156  is designed to provide the industry with the highest reliability.

The wide variety of connections and standardized components make it a universally applicable PC capable of performing any visualization, control and calculation.

IP protection class 65 protects it against water on the front and guarantees an easy mounting thanks to an innovative mounting system. In addition to the installation of control cabinets, installation in hollow walls is easily possible.


Edition3 comes with an aluminium frame with an integrated glass front which serves as its touch-sensitive surface. Its timeless design allows it to be integrated into any environment. The panel can be configurated as a touch panel as well as a touch computer which guarantees high flexibility. Edition3 is also equipped with a microphone and a loudspeaker so that it can be easily connected with the door  or any other intercom system. As a result of its in-wall housing the touch panel can be integrated into any wall or cavity wall. Optionally, we can also install a USB / LCN controller for direct access to the bus system. There is no fan installed in our gadgets so that noise contamination is not an issue with our products.


The touch panel Edition 2 is characterized by a high degree of reliability, and a very good price-performance ratio.

On display sizes 15 “,17” and 19″ larger objects can also be visualized very effectively.

Thanks to a wide variety of frames, the touch screen can be integrated into any appropriate environment.

We offer the option to confiugre the panel either as a touch screen or a touch PC. This guarantees a high flexibility. You can install the Visu-PC in a separate room from the touch panel or use an existing PC as a visualization PC.

Due to the In-wall housing, the touch panel can be integrated into any wall.

Optionally a USB / KNX  or LCN EPKU controller can be installed in the in-wall housing  for a direct bus access.  All without a fan.


Our Edition 4 means mechanical diversity one step ahead.

This touch panel is a consequent step into total flexibility by offering the choice between installing it in or on the wall. The simple click mechanism ensures that it locks into the junction box or connects firmly to the wall bracket. Furthermore, there is a microphone as well as a loudspeaker next to the powerful computer making Edition4 more than just a controller for home automation. It is the operator for CCTV, door communication and media control throughout the entire home.

Edition4 PC121
Edition 4 PC121 IP65