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The cerasonar installation cable remains safely protected by a thick and tough cable jacket and is still flexible and smooth.

The smart metre markings help to ensure that the cable can be cut to length without re-measuring. Of course, it can also be stripped without any problems even if it has been stored at low temperatures for a longer period of time.

The cable fits easily into any cerasonar speaker terminal and, of course, with a suitable cable lug, into the Phoenix connectors of the cerasonar cs-500dsp4 amplifier.

The speaker cable is available as 2 or 4-core and the conductors are made of high-purity copper. The cable cross-section is 2.08 mm² or 14 AWG.

The 4-core can be used for single stereo applications or combined into a high performance 2x 4.16 mm² or 11 AWG cable for very long cable lengths to avoid power loss.

cerasonar logo.jpg
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