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The long history and experience of our company began in 1970 with the manufacture of electrical articles under the name VASMA and then VASMA1 and VASMA2 (MASTROCAL & S. MASTROKALOS).


In 1998 the owner of the company, Stavros Mastrokalos, becomes an authorized member of EIB - BUS PARTNERS and starts the first electrical installations based on the EIB - BUS standards in Greece.


In 1999 he made the first steps abroad with imports of electrical equipment and in 2000 he founded in Germany a new company for the marketing and export of electrical and electronic equipment. At the same time it introduces in Greece the first EIB - BUS VIMAR switches from neighboring Italy through the Greek VIMAR, which, together with other EIB materials, has so far.


In 2004 Stavros Mastrokalos founded the company ELEKTROMELETI with the purpose of selling-promotion-study-supervision and programming of electrical installations in the EIB-BUS-KONNEX standards.


The next projects of the company are the creation of a new EIB BUS Exhibition Center, called "ELEKTROMELETI INSTALLATION BUS CENTRUM" (IBC).

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