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Sockets & Switches


Card Holders

EAE Guest Room Management System (GRMS) is designed to ensure an exemplary and enjoyable experience for your guests. Every detail in a hotel should match the expectations of the guests. The main purpose of EAE Hotel GRMS is to create a solution that meets all needs with comfort, aesthetics and elegance. By creating an easy-to-use hotel management system, customer satisfaction and the management of a hotel is ensured.

GRMS with Cardholder

With Cardholder systems, all electrical equipment in the room can be used as long as the card is inserted in the sytem.

However, in some cases the RFID card is left inserted even if there are no guests in the room and unnecessary energy consumption may occur in terms of the operation.

GRMS without Cardholder

With the hotel logic controller module (HLC), occupancy is monitored without the use of the cardholder.

This function allows the hotel management to save energy by automatically calling scenarios when guests are not in the room.



There are 4 different scenarios in the HLC system.:


As soon as the guest enters the room, the desired lighting will turn on in pre-Welcome scenario.

Leave Scenario

When leaving the room, the leave scenario is activated at the end of the defined period All lighting, sockets and air conditioning will be switched off. If desired, the air conditioning state can be set to a desired set temperature or mode state.


The use of lighting, HVAC, shading, sockets in the room is permitted as long as guests are in the room during welcome scenario.

Check In/Out

After guests’ check-in / out actions, desired scenarios can be activated with the integration of GRMS software and hotel PMS.


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