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DMX & RDM Phase Cut Dimmer (Din rail)

    • Safe and reliable full isolation design
    • DMX phase dimmer, trailing edge dimming
    • Supports resistive loads and capacitive loads
    • Standard DMX512 compliant control interface
    • RDM function enabled to realize intercommunication between DMX master and decoder.
    • For example, DMX decoder’s address can be assigned by DMX master console
    • With digital display to show data directly, easily to set and show DMX address
    • DMX channel quantity from 1CH~4CH settable
    • Output dimming curve gamma value from 0.1 ~ 9.9 settable
    • 4 channels AC100-240V output
    • To dim single color dimmable LED lamps, dimmable LED driver, traditional incandescent and halogen lights
    • Din rail installation, easy and fast
    • Waterproof grade: IP20

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