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ISE Smart Connect KNX E-Charge enables you to integrate up to five charging stations into your KNX.

Connect your charge points for example with a “ready to charge / occupied” indicator or display in your building, if a vehicle is still charging. Set your starting current and maximum current in your central control.

Smart Connect KNX E-Charge

SKU: 1-0004-016
  • Voltage: DC 24 V to 30 V

    Power consumption: 3 W

    IP communication: Ethernet 10/100 BaseT

    KNX communication: KNX/TP, S-Mode

    KNX medium: TP1-256

    Connections: 1x RJ45 / 1x USB

    Connection and branching terminals for KNX and 24 V

    Ambient temperature: 0 °C to +45 °C

    Dimensions: 2 TE (REG plus)


    Part No.: 1-0004-016

    Datasheet: PDF


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